Top Websites Powered By WordPress

Due to the popularity of WordPress as a blogging platform and the fact that it is free to use adds up to it’s image as a platform mostly used by hobbyists and not serious businesses. But the fact is that a quarter of internet runs on WordPress. WordPress is an agency used and trusted by […]

Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Site’s Database

If you are an experienced blogger or internet marketer then you must have heard that website speed is extremely important as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Google wants to offer the best possible user experience to their searchers and the loading speed of your pages is an integral part of that experience. Therefore […]

Most Useful WordPress Plugins Available In the Market

WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform for website building and blogging. There are several advantages of using this platform. The biggest advantage is that you can enhance your website with the help of plugins. By installing the right plugins you can promote your website on the web and maximize your earnings. Hence, it is vital […]