Top Websites Powered By WordPress

Due to the popularity of WordPress as a blogging platform and the fact that it is free to use adds up to it’s image as a platform mostly used by hobbyists and not serious businesses. But the fact is that a quarter of internet runs on WordPress. WordPress is an agency used and trusted by news agencies that receive worldwide recognition. Here are few of the examples of top news companies who entrust WordPress for information sharing.

1. The New York Times Company

This renowned company owns the ‘The New York Times’ which is the newspaper with the second largest circulation in the United States. Not only does the company’s news blog but some of its newest blogs also run on WordPress. The New York Times Company is respected in the publishing industry, therefore the fact that it chooses to use the WordPress to run some of its websites means that this platform is trusted by mainstream publishers.

2. BBC America

BBC America is the American branch of the BBC British media outlet. It is a globally renowned news outlet and entertainment channel that has a relatively high viewership. BBC online presence is powered by WordPress.

3. CNN Blogs

CNN is arguably the news center of not only the United States but the entire globe. Guess what! Its blogs are also powered by WordPress. As a leading news agency, CNN is definitely capable of incurring the cost of paying for a different platform without a flinch. However, it chooses to use WordPress. The CNN blogs are not only entertaining but also informative and interactive. These blogs are very appealing to any reader and even though a majority of people are not interested in serious news, the intricate design can undoubtedly grab the attention of readers.

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