WordPress Themes – Why Newer Is Not Always Better

The majority of the population absolutely adores all things shiny and new. There’s a very large group of people that will wait on long lines for hours just to get the newest gadget as soon as it’s released. Although happy at first, these are the people who tend to have issues with their brand new products and end up regretting their purchase in the end. This is all because people love to get the newest gadget, but forget that the newest gadgets more often than not, tend to be filled with bugs and kinks. The companies are still trying to figure things out when they first release their products, so they aren’t always as perfect as one wishes they would be. The same exact thing can be said for virtual products such as WordPress themes as well, if not more so.

A brand new WordPress theme might seem shiny and appealing just like a new toy or gadget, but underneath all of that glitter is a ton of kinks and stress that no website creator ever wants to have to deal with. When you’re deciding on a theme, never pick one that has just hit the shelf. You should always let other people be the guinea pigs when it comes to new themes, while you head on over to the more mature themes whose problems and kinks have since been straightened out over time. The new theme that you’re interested in today, will most likely still be available three months from now, just without all of the issues it had at its initial birth. And if it’s not available in three months, then it was never a theme you should have had in the first place.

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