How to Make Your Newsletters More Attractive

Online newsletters are a major part of many business plans, and it’s not hard to see why. A high-quality newsletter can brand you as an authority, convince subscribers to buy a new course or come to you for a specific service. In other words, newsletters can be a clear gate to get interested prospects convinced to follow you, buy a program, or spend money on whatever your specific business model is.

Even if your main goals are to inform or to work on behalf of a charity or non-profit, it is still important to reach as large an audience as possible in a way that actually makes a lasting impact. Without that powerful hook you won’t be able to achieve the goals you are looking for. Great information isn’t enough. In fact it is only one part of putting together a great newsletter. You might not be able to get a great newsletter without top-notch information, but delivery matters.

Since you’re working with an online newsletter or email newsletter there is one major thing you need to make sure you’re treating right: media. Media isn’t just news or text. Do you have pictures in your newsletter? Embedded videos or YouTube URLs that your readers can follow? Have you thought about how a podcast can add a little bit of spice, flair, and excitement?

Even if you just want to stick with an old traditional newsletter – why not make it a PDF attachment to your emails so it can also include cartoons and pictures to break up the monotony of text?

You need to think variety when making your newsletter and remember that if they don’t read it, it doesn’t matter how good your information is!

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