Tips for Article Directory Owners

Managing an article directory is not a simple task. Popular article sites have thousands of members and it is not possible for a single person to keep an eye on all of them. Fortunately there are some simple tools that can help you perform your duties in the most painless way possible. In the following paragraphs we will have a look at some of those tools and talk about some general strategies for effective article management.

Automate your tasks

To save time you should try to automate your tasks. If you are a WordPress user then you should download and install Wypiekacz. This robust plugin checks each article at the time of submission. If it doesn’t meet the requirements of your site, an error message is displayed indicating the problem. Similarly there are many other automation techniques that can decrease moderation time. For instance you can promote each contributor to author after a certain number of accepted posts. This way their submissions won’t appear in the “Pending Articles” queue.

Hire freelance moderators

These days it is very easy to find talented freelancers, thanks to websites like oDesk and vWorker. On these sites you can find freelance moderators for your article site. Doing this will allow you to spend your time on more important tasks like link-building and promotion.

Use intelligent marketing strategies

Webmasters and bloggers are always on the lookout for high-quality article directories. Therefore it is not hard to get new members. All you need to do is use guerrilla  marketing tactics like forum posting, blog commenting etc. Try to think of the places where your target audience gathers. Once you have found such a website, send friendly invites to the members. But never spam or use shady tricks to get attention because such tactics do more harm than good.

Hopefully these tips will help you maximize your profits.

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