3 Plugins That Can Turn Your Website Into a Goldmine

Monetizing a WordPress blog is not an easy task. Many bloggers are unable to make any decent money from their sites even though they get thousands of unique visitors everyday. If you are in a similar situation then these WordPress plugins might prove helpful:

OIO Publisher

This plugin allows you to sell ad space on your WordPress website. You don’t need to join any third-party service which means you get to keep hundred percent of your ad revenues. Furthermore OIO Publisher comes with a built-in rotation system that prevents ad-blindness.

If you are not interested in selling ad space to advertisers, this plugin can help you maximize your affiliate revenues. Just put up your affiliate banner in all the spots and you’ll immediately start seeing results. You can also sell text links with the help of this plugin. However, you should keep in mind that Google frowns upon link sales and your site may get penalized.

Pretty Link Pro

You are probably aware of the fact that search engines don’t like thin affiliate sites. That is the reason why professional affiliate marketers always hide their affiliate links. Pretty Link Pro helps you cloak your links from your WordPress dashboard. It is one of the most powerful plugins ever created for this purpose. It offers five different redirection methods and hundreds of customization options. Also you can check the performance of each link by looking at the statistics page.


Foobar puts a sleek, attention-grabbing notification bar on the top of each page. You can use it to promote your ebook, increase your email subscription rates and promote affiliate products. Internet users are used to on-page ads but notification bars still stand out, which means you can make a lot of extra money, without wasting any real estate.

With the help of these amazing wordpress plugins you can easily increase your revenues.

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